A heritage railway located
in Whangarei, Northland

About the railway

The railway’s main line is about 0.9km long. It extends from Millington Bush at the end of the line to Museum station at the top of the line. It has an intermediate station at Milnes. The main station is at the Hikurangi station. There is a fairly large loco shed and workshop near to the station.

An extension about 0.8km long has been laid from a new platform at Millington Bush through the lower bush to a terminus next to Maunu Road in the parking paddock. This section will eventually be operated by the tram but other trains will be able to use the line.

All members are voluntary and give a lot of their time to operate and maintain the railway. About 5000 hours of voluntary labour per year goes into the operation and maintenance of the railway.

The railway has been operated throughout its existence by volunteers. At present (2014) we have an excellent bunch of volunteers who are ensuring the safe operation of the railway and also the extension to Barge Park.

The railway pays its way by charging for rides. Most of the capital works which have been undertaken have only been possible because of grants from organisations such as ASB Trust, Lotteries Commission and Pub Charities.

The railway is operated by The Whangarei Steam & Model Railway Club Inc. The club became an incorporated society in about 1978 thanks to the guiding hand of its first president Vic Seymour after whom our Peckett steam locomotive is named.

Locomotives on site

Peckett 0-4-2T works #1664 stored
Peckett 0-4-2T works #2157 operational
Drewry 0-6-0 diesel operational
Price 0-6-0 diesel works #1664 operational
Union 0-4-0 diesel works #1664 operational
Bagnall 0-6-0 diesel works #1664 operational
3 jiggers
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